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Why hire a Full Service Wedding Planner?



Hey everyone! My name is Heather Fernandes and I run the blog www.HeatherFern.com. I have shared a lot of my wedding and all of the behind the scenes details on there but I wanted to take another moment to share with all of you why it was so valuable for me (and for you too, trust me!) to have a full service wedding coordination team.

I got married to the love of my life, Alec, in March 2017 at The Resort at Pelican Hill in Newport Beach, CA and before we even booked our venue, we booked Pure Lavish Events. While I had thought about my dream wedding for my whole life, once I got engaged and it was time to actually start planning for real and finding vendors, that was a whole new ball game. We knew that we wanted a bit more of a grand wedding and I knew that meant more negotiations, more elements for the wedding day itself, and I knew I wanted professional help to make sure no stone was left unturned for our wedding day. I honestly didn’t even give it much thought—I knew I wanted, nay, NEEDED a wedding planner. I found Pure Lavish online and I knew immediately that they were the right choice for me.


We decided to go with full service planning and I am SO glad we did. Let me tell you why- it literally made the entire wedding planning process a breeze. There was no stress, I didn’t have to contact and deal with hardly any vendors, and they vetted everyone to make sure their services were exactly what I was looking for. They gave recommendations, helped with the budget, made sure we saw flower centerpiece mock-ups, and responded immediately to every one of my (hundreds of) emails. Pure Lavish attended every meeting with me, proofed all our stationary, made sure every single vendor was where they needed to be, when they needed to be there on the wedding day and neither I, Alec, or any of my friends or family had to lift a finger! They coordinated every last detail and I would 110% recommend full service planning to anyone who is on the fence about it!

During the planning process, our Pure Lavish team was seriously there every single step of the way (if you haven’t gathered that already). They thought of so many logistical things that I would have never thought of. The whole entire day seemed to go off without any complications at all and I know FOR SURE that was because of my full-service team. I know this might be starting to sound like an infomercial but truly, I know that my wedding would have been nothing near the magical day that it was had it not been for my full-service team with Pure Lavish. Every single one of them was a DELIGHT to work with from start to finish and I honestly woke up the next morning bummed out that the planning process was over because they made it SO FUN!

There you have it! I mean if you haven’t gathered already, I am fully onboard with not just having a wedding coordinator (which is like, a non-negotiable), but having a full service team will ensure that you not only enjoy your wedding planning, but that you can rest easy knowing that every last minutia will be handled by your team. Happy planning, brides (and grooms)!




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