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As planners, we occasionally get the question, “Can I use a different photographer for my engagement session and another photographer for my wedding day?” While the simple answer, is yes; we’re here to educate you on why hiring the same photographer for both your engagement session and wedding is more beneficial for you in the long run.

According to wedding photographer, Cavin Elizabeth, “Using the same photographer for both, you ensure that your wedding day images are the best they can be because of the comfort and trust that you built during the engagement session with your wedding photographer”.

Engagement sessions are the point where photographer and couple meet. Typically for the first time, so there are of course some initial photo shoot jitters. The moment you step in front of the camera with your wedding photographer you automatically start building a trust with them. “It isn’t so much the art of having experienced an engagement session, but rather the art of becoming acquainted with the person who’s capturing your wedding day that matters most.” Cavin Elizabeth reiterates.

We spoke to our dear couple, Desiree & Mark who got married at the gorgeous Rancho Las Lomas venue back in September. Their photographer was Katrina Jayne Photography, and they explain in depth on why using her as their photographer for their engagement session & wedding day was the ideal decision and how it made them feel comfortable.

1) Why did you use your photographer for both your engagement session and wedding day?

We wanted to make sure we liked the quality of the photos from our engagement shoot which would ensure that we were happy with our wedding photos as well.


2) Was this beneficial for you? 

Yes, we loved our engagement photos so we knew we would be happy with our wedding photos as well. Also, we were able to establish a relationship with our photographer so that we were comfortable shooting on our wedding day and there were no surprises in how she worked.


3) What did you enjoy most about your photographer? 

Our photographer was organized and gave great direction. She really took the lead in coaching us as a couple as well as our wedding party. She was flexible when needed and made us feel comfortable.


4) Taking photos can be awkward at times, how did your photographer make you feel comfortable during the whole process? 

Our photographer coached us when shooting letting us know what looked good and how to make awkward poses look and feel natural. She was very humorous (with purpose) which made us not feel so nervous about doing certain poses. She was not afraid to be silly and was not judgmental at all. She was very authentic and was not afraid to be herself which helped us be ourselves.


Cavin explains, “If you aren’t familiar with your photographer’s involvement level and style of direction, it can be off-putting and stressful.” Desiree and Mark were fully aware of their photographers style and direction because of their experience at their engagement shoot. Allowing them to fully enjoy and be themselves on their actual wedding day.

While building a relationship with your photographer is critical, it’s also a great idea to think about cohesiveness. Maybe your engagement photos are dark and moody, but your wedding photos are light and organic, this might come to you later as a bit unbalanced. You not only will you have the same style of photos throughout your whole wedding process, but you will be confident that when you get your engagement photos back and you fall in love, that you won’t have any anxieties for your special day!

Special thank you to Cavin Elizabeth for letting us chat with her and quote from her blog post, “Why you should use the Same Photographer for your Engagement and Wedding Photos.”


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