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We always get asked what makes us different from other planners and truly, there’s a lot but one biggy is DESIGN! We LISTEN to our couples and create the wedding of THEIR dreams! Our designers at Pure Lavish listen, create and execute! Our lead designer, Lauren has some insight below so sit back and enjoy what she has to say and the photos we thought you’d love to see!

Hi All! Lauren here! Design holds a special place in my heart. It’s a passion, and I get to live that passion out every day by helping our clients make their wedding dreams a reality. Hearing a couple’s vision, and watching it transpire is truly a beautiful thing. The design process has so many components, so many things to consider. Venues, colors, styles, weather, blending of cultures, religions, traditions, the million ideas you’ve seen on Pinterest, you name it! But the most important aspect to me, you ask? Making sure that your day reflects YOU. Tiny detail or huge, if you incorporate your relationship (a hobby, a favorite movie, a favorite food, etc.) in some way, you can guarantee that your day won’t be like anyone else’s, and there is something extra special about that.

My job here at Pure Lavish isn’t just to plan and design your day, it’s also to make sure that you are enjoying the process. I like to start design meetings by listening to the couple’s story (if I haven’t met them already and asked, that is!). How did they meet? Where did the proposal happen? Give me allllll the details! These elements are so important not only to you, but to me! I pull ideas from all of it. From there, I want to hear their dream vision of their big day. By dream, I mean if they could literally have every single thing they ever wanted, I want to hear it. Reason being, if the dream isn’t budget friendly, I assist them in coming up with alternative ways to help make as much of that vision happen as possible. Following this, we break it down into each part of the day and discuss every little detail. Everything from chairs to chargers, linens to florals, its covered. I strive for my couples to leave the meeting feeling stress free and comfortable in what we have discussed. The intention of this process is to be FUN. My ultimate goal to achieve when designing a wedding day, is to capture a couple’s lifestyle (quirks and all!) and translate it into the biggest day of their lives. Not only is it such a fun process, it’s also SO rewarding. Talk about lucky!

TIP: If your planner asks if you’d like to do a first look of your reception space, DO IT! It gives you both the opportunity to have a silent moment to reflect on all of the hard work you’ve put into getting there!


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