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First Look? Yes or No? Real Wedding, La Quinta Resort



Oh, the decisions you make for your wedding day; they’re endless! One in particular is whether you want a first look, go traditional, OR you just aren’t sure! Well, don’t worry! We’re here to help with that decision! So, what’s a ‘first look’?

A first look is a precious moment between bride and groom, where the bride reveals herself to her future hubby before the wedding-day merriment begins. For the more modern day bride, this has been the alternative to the more traditionalist route, where the bride would rather not spoil the surprise of seeing her fiancé’s face when he sees her walk down the aisle in her big, white gown! So, why are couples choosing the first look?

  • It makes for an adorable photo op moment! Just look at our past couple Mariah & Joshua! The photos you have from a first look are quite special and really capture the excitement between the both of you.
  • It lets you and your honey to have plenty of romantic photos together before the ceremony begins. It also allows you to take tons of those fun bridal party photos prior to the wedding, providing ample time for family photos after the ceremony concludes.
  • Mainly, it’s a non-traditional way of seeing your sweetie on your wedding day, and may even relieve some of those anxious, butterfly flutters before walking down the aisle.

That being said…maybe the first look is not quite your cup of tea. So, here are some other fun alternatives that play off that “first look” moment that we absolutely adore:

  • First look with Dad: Such a special moment between father and daughter, and we’re seeing this a lot more lately. Just take a look at our ‘2017 wedding trends’ blog! 🙂
  • First look of Reception Space: More times than not, the bride and groom don’t even get to see the reception space until they walk in for their grand entrance (SO SAD). Their always bummed that they didn’t get a chance to see it when no one was sitting in the seats. Just let your planner know, that you want to add it to your timeline and make time to see your vision come to life before your guests enter into the room.
  • Hidden Prayer/Touch: For the couples that want to hear and feel their significant other, but not physically see one another before the ceremony you have a cute option of doing a hidden prayer, or a hidden touch. This is normally done with a wall or door in between the couple and only their hands are touching. This is a perfect time to pray or say those few sweet words before you become husband and wife.

Keep in mind… this is YOUR day! Personalize it and make it your own, anything goes on your wedding day and that goes for how and when you want to see your lover on the most special day of your lives!

Photos by Aga Jones | Florals by Lannetus


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